The entire business world is in the midst of a huge transition, and as marketers you can either be leaders of this revolution, or you can become irrelevant–it’s your choice. Jones and Newman provide an outstanding guide for those who choose to lead this change, including insight from the top thinkers and practitioners in the field.

Jamie Notter, Partner, Culture That Works LLC and co-author of Humanize and When Millennials Take Over

It’s hard to believe how fast the marketing landscape is changing. From content marketing to marketing automation, brands are almost at a sprint to keep up with the evolution while trying to also to provide more touch points between consumers and brands – more personal touch points that is. In this engaging book Daniel and Hessie have given clarity to the entire marketing landscape in a way that marketers can take meaningful action to get and stay ahead of the curve. If you are a marketer, I strongly recommend this book.

Steve Olenski, Forbes contributor & Sr. Content Strategist/Sr. Writer, Oracle Marketing Cloud

In a world where marketing is becoming more about being human and less about automating, there is an endless need for evolution. In this book Dan- iel and Hessie do a wonderful job of tying together tools and technology with the most important aspect of marketing…being human.

Bryan Kramer, Author of Best Seller, Human to Human #H2H, TED speaker

At Harvard Business School I was taught that sales fell under marketing. I pro- tested. Marketing is, was, and always will be something that falls under selling, as the creation of a customer is the real desired outcome. As Newman and Jones illustrate with example after example, this digital age now requires marketers to put the customer at the very center of everything they do. They quickly and irrevocably dismantle the vanity metrics of likes, retweets, and pluses, and show you that trust, the customer experience, and sales are what really matter. Follow their blueprint and evolve!

Anthony Iannarino, Speaker, Writer, Entrepreneur

With the rapid evolution of digital marketing and social media, brands are be- ing put in a position to keep up with the changes or get left behind. However, keeping up isn’t as simple as it once was. The science of marketing is more preva- lent than ever with new channels popping up daily, the proliferation of data and the shifting buyer’s journey. This book does a wonderful job of helping marketers understand how we arrived here and more importantly where we are going. I highly recommend this book for brand marketers and agencies seeking to stay on top of their game.

Kevin Green,Executive Director, Digital Marketing – Dell, Inc.

As the Internet and technology have revolutionized how we live and interact with one another, so the ways in which companies market to and communicate with their customers have dramatically evolved. In this book Daniel Newman and Hessie Jones provide a wake-up-call to marketing professionals by demon- strating how a rapidly changing world demands new, sophisticated and clever methods of presenting products and services to the buying public. You’ll do well to heed the research and conclusions that come from this book!

Joel Comm, New York Times Best-Selling Author and New Media Marketing Strategist

In the Social Age, customers not only have all the power, they have learned to tune out when being talked ‘at’ instead of ‘to’. In EVOLVE, Jones and Newman have outlined exactly what it takes to unlearn traditional marketing and learn how to invest in community, social listening and brand ambassadorship. For any marketer, entrepreneur or socially-minded executive… EVOLVE is a must- read book.

Mark Babbitt, CEO and Founder of YouTern and co-author of A World Gone Social: How Companies Must Adapt to Survive

If there was ever a time to think differently it’s now. The travel industry has been one of the most vulnerable to the voice of the consumer. As a veteran Executive within the Airline and Travel industry, I know, all too well, relationships with customers have been a volatile love / hate ride. As customers become more knowledgeable and sophisticated, their expectations will continue to rise. Busi- ness must look to foster these customer relationships, to lead (and maybe even just to survive) in the future. Hessie Jones and Daniel Newman understand the new landscape. Their bookserves as a wake-up call for companies to be sensitized to the voice of the con- sumer, and to be relentless in not only understanding their needs, but establish- ing and encouraging an open line of communication. We can no longer expect the old ways of marketing to drive business today. EVOLVE delivers this mes- sage loud and clear.

Jim Young, CEO NewLeaf Corp, Former Senior Executive at Frontier Airlines and InterContinental Hotels Group